About us

Sidro, Serbian for anchor, is a polish swimwear brand with headquarters in Warsaw. This small business began as the passion project for professional swimmers Jovana Djuroviс and Klaudia Kowalska, who dreamed of creating stylish yet comfortable beachwear for women of all shapes and sizes. Sidro was created as a symbol which would anchor women in unity. Together they built a brand grounded in three core values.


We are a luxury beachwear brand dedicated to shifting the lens of visibility in this industry towards authentic bodies. The identities of the modern woman and man , in all their forms, shades, sizes, and orientations, is what shapes us . We create clothing for individuals who look different and are proud of it.


Our brand believes in utilizing resources which work to preserve a future for generations to come. Whenever possible we invest in fabrics made from recycled and environmentally friendly materials. All the items leftover from our main collection is what is used to create mini lines and accessories. Essentially the passion is to create clothing that contributes to the well-being of our planet.


Continuous Learning

As a relatively young brand, we recognize there is always room to  learn. Understanding the desires of our customers is the priority. We respect our customers, and value the idea of open communication. This allows us to take advantage of your feedback to deliver the quality you deserve.

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